05 VR Live Music Experience

Oculus 2
Strategy, Planning, Design Oversight


Doddity VR is an immersive video streaming player, with event based experiences that allows users to watch live concerts and music videos in 360 while interacting with a 3D Environment.

My Role

UX Director. On this project I worked with the product owner, engineer’s and research team to discovery what our capabilities could be in a very short timeline. The experience of watching a live show in the oculus 2 was new to us all and the research was all-encompassing and super fun.

Product Challenge

To provide my clients users with a music streaming player to be watched in virtual reality. As an immersive experience that re-creates a comfortable atmosphere of an interactive living room that could be customizable according to users preferences and needs.

Product Planning

To get everyone on this diverse team on the same page and give the stakeholders, engineers and product folks visibility into our process, I clearly mapped out what my design / research team need to delivery in a 6 week timeframe.

Product Plan


Working closely with my product owner we put together this story map to get the critical features of this experience built so we could get into testing a lot quicker than the average software build.


3D Environment

An environment that re-creates the cozy atmosphere of a living room with musical instruments and furniture pieces, where users can explore and interact with each element placed in the space while watching the selected streaming content.

3D environment

Spatial Relationships

Recreating an environment that makes our users feel comfortable while on virtual reality was extremely important for the success of the product.



Quick, simple animations keep the user excited while the videos load.


Partner Success

The stakeholders were amazed at how fast we got their protoype up and running. With solid insights the design team was able to design and build a product that we can now use for extensive iterations.

Thank You

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