02 Nudj Health Application

2020 – 2022
Strategy, Planning, Design Oversight


Nudj Health is a collaborative care partner dedicated to helping fight the connected effects of chronic disease and mental health through radical innovation & human engagement.

Product Challenge

Nudj Health aims to combine the best in technology, medical monitoring instruments, and virtual behavioral health expertise to offer patients transformative, collaborative care that’s accessible anywhere. 

My Role

My role was strictly oversight, creative direction and managing client expectations. As Product Design Director, I planned each sprint with my PO and created backlogs and story pointed. My main goal was to work with our client and guide him thru the design process, explain my strategy to align with his goals and get the designers work approved weekly. I setup workshops for the design teams and invited our accessibility SMEs to collaborate with design.

Also: sprint planning, resource planning, budgeting, requirement gathering, information architecture and content strategy.


Caregivers spend countless hours trying to organize their daily routines because of outdated software and systems that don’t communicate with each other. The level of care and urgency is also a problem. The current systems don’t give ample time or warning for high-risk patients, which is crucial in healthcare.


Design a  platform that combines all of the caregiver’s needs into a single location and invent visual cues and smart logic that will alert a caregiver as soon as they log in to the platform. We also needed to design for scalability to support Nudj Health’s ambitious features roadmap. 

Note: Design and Development also had to do all of this while meeting the highest compliance standards.

Product Strategy

I had the team use and test existing healthcare tools and patient management systems to create a new platform. Then we set up interviews with nurses who perform caregiver roles at hospitals that Nudj was affiliated with. From there, I advised that we design the guts of the application and work backward to the dashboard. This greatly optimized performance and streamlined workflows that allowed users to efficiently prioritize their patients’ needs.

UX Process

I adjusted our UX process for this project because we didn’t have a product to test or current users to talk to. This is what it looked like.

Product Planning

Diamond needed to move fast on the designs so I worked closely with the Director of Product to facilitate one-week design sprints. This way we could get the work in front of the client quicker which meant faster approval.

Project Plan

Product Roadmap

Working closely with my Director of Product we drew out this plan to share with our stakeholders. Their initial plan had features that would take away from their core services. My advice was to re-order those priorities to delivery an MVP quicker, and fast follow with the added features.


Atomic Design System

No one is a bigger fan or advocate for the Atomic Design Methodology than I am. I work closely with my visual designers to create every client’s design system in a component-based structure that covers every element of the company’s brand, look and feel, ADA compliance and scalability.

Attention to Details

Working closely with my visual designer, we conceptualized the icons to be simple, modern, and friendly. They have a symmetrical and consistent look, ensuring readability and clarity, even in super small sizes.


Partner Success

The Nudj collaborative care application was the first of its kind and the CEO and entire team were extremely proud and excited to see their dream come to life. Our design team has successfully unified all of its care programs and preventive care services under one cohesive roof. 

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