03 Toyota Build & Price

Strategy, Planning, Wireframing, Creative Direction

Case Study

Build & Price is the largest KPI on the Toyota Website and accompanying platforms. The goal on this project was to optimize key components of the tool, by addressing major usability and logic concerns, to ultimately streamline and improve the user experience and facilitate users down the purchase funnel.

My Role

ACD of UX. Worked closely with research and analytics teams to discover pain points for intenders. Managed timelines and clients expectations. Collaborated with multiple 3rd party vendors that provide data feeds to the Build and Price tool.


Toyotas Request a Quote forms directly lead to sales that can be tracked back the website and mobile app. My goal was to focus on driving the users thru the lower purchase funnel and entice them to fill out the RAQ forms with clear guidance thru the design.

Product Planning

Working closely with my client we first worked on timelines and deliverables.


Analyzing baseline analytics helps me get an idea of the products landscape and engagement. Discovering where the traffic comes from and realizing that mobile usage was overtaking desktop (in 2016) was a few of many useful insights.


For the research phase my team ran moderated user testing with a group of applicants that were looking to purchase or lease a new vehicle within 30 to 60 days.

Research - user testing

Experience Design


After weeks of gathering insights my design decisions were:

1. Move up the next CTA so it didn’t fall too far down the page by a maximum of 800 pixels.
2 M
ake it easier to compare trim models.
3. Add arrows to models so users didnt have to keep closing them to select the next model.
4. Increase size of imagery throughout the entire experience.
5. Add the Request a Quote CTA to the summary page.


Visual Design

Visual Design



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