Design teams need time for design thinking

I strive to help teams function seamlessly by building better communication and creating a culture of collaboration, which allows my teams to focus on design thinking. I’m also big on Design Ops.

Lead to Inspire / Inspire to Lead

I mentor and grow teams while studying other people’s journeys. From this, I’ve learned the importance of putting other people first. With a people-focused design approach, I want to design products that have a meaningful impact on everyone while having fun doing so.

Standards I live by:
Team Mentor
  • Care about your teams desires and career development
  • Inspire them to take on new challenges and perform at their highest and best
  • Create a Culture of Collaboration
  • Identify your rockstars and your superstars and set them up for success
  • Foster inclusive and diverse teams with inspiration and guidance
Partner Relationships
  • Develop trust
  • Establish “quick wins” and remember your stakeholders have stakeholders.
  • Recommend innovations and inspire them to be different
  • Help them fail fast and forward
  • Invite the business folks into your creative process, some of them might like it
  • Establish an inclusive and collaborative process that everyone can buy into
  • Give everyone a stake. It feels more like a team when everyone respects the process
  • Atomic UX toolkits, Design systems, component libraries, naming systems, file structure, design assets, and templates, templates, templates.
  • Clearly communicate goals and timelines
  • Establish open lines of comm with all teams and partners
  • Bring others into your process, this stuff is fun